Top 15 Storyboard Software of 2022 (Updated)

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Storyboarding is a task that often gets relegated to the sides despite being one of the most important parts of planning a project. Faulty storyboarding is probably the reason for the failure of many a project. Instead of being done on something as basic as MS Paint, it deserves a top-rated software application to complete.

So, today, we will look at the top 15 storyboard software of 2022 to make it easier for professionals to choose the right tool for themselves.

List Of Top 15 Storyboard Software of 2022

1. MakeStoryboard

MakeStoryboard is the numero uno in the list of top 15 storyboard software of 2022. If you are someone who has to plan and organize projects meticulously, MakeStoryboard makes it easy for you to do so.

It has an easy-to-use interface where you can add images, make doodles with the in-built sketching function, add custom fields, and leave notes. You can also create PDF versions of your boards and share them easily.

You can give people access to your storyboard even if they do not have an account using custom links. The best thing is that when you add collaborators, you can control the level of access they have in terms of editing or commenting.

Makestoryboard has a free version that you can use for 10 storyboards, but for better features and for creating an unlimited number of storyboards, you have two paid versions.

They are the Professional package priced at $12 a month and the Team package costing $36 a month.

Pricing: $0- $36

2. FrameForge

The award-winning FrameForge Storyboard Studio is for professional storyboard makers. It is more suited for those in the movie industry. In fact, some of its users include studios like HBO, BBC, Marvel, and Netflix.

It does have versions for those with less complex needs, but at its best, it can act as a virtual studio with any kind of camera or lens, allowing you to make precise decisions in terms of motion, orientation, sizing, lighting, and more.

You can download a script into FrameForge from scriptwriting applications to make your job easier. Needless to say, it is a storyboard-making application best suited for serious creators. Naturally, it comes with a hefty price tag too.

Its Professional Edition can be bought all out for a one-time charge of $799 or you can get an annual subscription for $24.99 per month or a three-month subscription for $34.99 per month. The Core edition comes at a one-time charge of $498, an annual subscription of $12.99 per month, or a three-month subscription of $8.99 per month.

Pricing: $12.99- $799

3. Studiobinder

Studiobinder is the perfect middle ground between simple and professional in the top 15 storyboard software of 2022. It can be used as easily by amateurs as by professional video-makers. Studiobinder is an all-in-one tool that allows one not just to make storyboards but also call sheets, shot lists, tagged scripts, and shooting schedules while allowing messaging and collaboration over the application.

In your storyboard, you can reorder your scenes, change aspect ratios, upload images, add notes, color-code shots, and do much more. You can transfer your storyboard to a number of file formats and also show it to others through a full-screen slideshow.

You can sign up on Studiobinder for free as it has a completely unpaid version that you can use for as long as you want without having to provide any financial information. It has multiple paid versions too.

The individual plans include Indie at $29 per month, Professional at $49 per month, and Studio at $99 per month paid monthly or $25, $42, and $85 respectively per month paid annually. The company plans are Agency at $249 per month and Production Company at $399 per month or $216 and $340 per month paid annually. The Enterprise plan starts at $1499 per month.

Pricing: $29-$1499

4. Boord

Boords is ideal for those who deal with animatics and simple videos. The best thing about this application is that it is very easy to use and hardly has a learning curve that you would need to surmount.

You can add images and use its studio-grade drawing and storyboarding functions to create professional storyboards in no time. You can add notes and collaborate on your storyboards too. The highlight of this web-based application is that you can export all your text in a few clicks to Word as a script.

Moreover, Boords has some of the most powerful animatics tools too. It costs $36 per month for the Studio plan, $60 per month for the Company plan, and $120 per month for the Company Plus plan. There is a limited $9 per month plan for freelancers and educational institutes, and non-profit organizations get 50% off on any plan they choose. However, there is no free or trial version to use.

Pricing: $9-$120

5. PowerProduction

PowerProduction Software comes with two versions for creators of varying professional prowess. The first is the Storyboard Quick version that is perfect for learners, amateurs, and self-taught artists. It comes loaded with all the pro effects which can be added to your storyboard in a matter of mere clicks.

On the other hand, Storyboard Artists is for those professionals who require the control of nuances in their hands. This version comes with powerful previsualization tools. It allows them to plan and put down their storyboard in great detail, shot by shot. The vanilla Storyboard Quick version can be bought all together for $248.99, for an annual subscription at $11 per month (total $129.99), or at $59.99 for a year for academic purposes.

The Studio version can be bought for $349.99 or subscribed to at an annual rate of $169.99 for professional purposes and at $99.98 for academic ones. The plain Artist version costs $499.99 in all and $269.99 for an annual subscription. The Studio version costs $899.99 in all or $399.99 for the annual subscription. There is no free version.

Pricing: $11-$499.99

6. StoryboardThat

StoryboardThat is a versatile tool for people who need to make storyboards for their projects but are not filmmakers or video creators. If you are a businessperson, marketer, teacher, or in a similar profession that requires constant planning and execution of projects, StoryboardThat offers you the perfect solution for that.

The best thing about using StoryboardThat is that you get access to many pre-made templates and graphics that you can use in your own storyboard. StoryboardThat is very thoughtful of users, it not only has a free version but also has 14-day free trials for its paid versions.

There are three paid versions - one is for personal use that comes for $9.99, $8.99, or $7.99 per month, billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. The version for teachers starts at $8.99 per month and increases if you are buying for more teachers, departments, or the entire institution. The version for business starts at $14.99 per month and decreases as you add more users.

Pricing: $9-$15

7. OpenToonz

OpenToonz was originally created by Dwango in association with Digital Video and Studio Ghibli to give creators a platform to make their ideas come to life. It is more of a digital graphics and animation assistance software application. In fact, it has a number of amazing functionalities for the same.

However, it is on this list because it has become quite popular as a drawing tool used to create storyboards due to its ability to help polish sketches down to the smallest detail. The best thing about this app is that not only is it absolutely free, it also has no copyright bindings so that artists can freely use their creations for commercial purposes.

Even better is the fact that it is open-source, so coders can make changes to it to create versions that better suit others’ need.

8. Storyboarder

Storyboarder is another software application that comes free of cost and is open-source, making it perfect for artists on a tight budget who need a tool that they can tweak to suit their purpose. It is built expressly for storyboarding, as you have many tools added to the app that are useful for making, sharing, and presenting storyboards only.

Another huge advantage of Storyboarder is that you can connect your work with Photoshop in near real-time. This means that if you have experience working on Photoshop, as more people do, you can edit your boards on Photoshop and the changes will get updated in Storyboarder.

You also get the option to add scripts and dialogs, play the storyboard for presentation purposes, and enter metadata into it. This makes it perfect for artists, marketers, project planners, and anyone else who needs to create a rich storyboard.

9. Plot

Plot was created by Adrian Thompson, a disgruntled animated video maker who just could not find a good storyboarding tool to help with his videos even though he searched for years. Thus, it is expected that this app ranks among the top 15 storyboard software of 2022. Moreover, it has one of the most leaded, intuitive interfaces among storyboarding applications out there.

The best part of Plot lies in how fast and efficient it is to make storyboards on it. You can accomplish most tasks on it with just a few clicks. Creating and editing storyboards on the app is made easy by the feature-loaded toolkit.

The biggest strength of Plot lies in the collaboration facilities it provides. You can collaborate with an unlimited number of members who can comment and edit a piece of work. And you can create as many storyboards as you like. The app costs $10 a month and offers a 14-day free trial.

Pricing: $10


10. Canva

Canva is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to design and create a variety of art projects. This includes storyboards. Canva comes with scores of free templates, and if you care to spend some money, you can get access to even more.

You will also have access to a library of images, backgrounds, frames, fonts, graphics, and pretty much anything, many of which are free too. You can edit your frames easily as Canva works like any other picture editing tool. You can collaborate on a project and also download or share it in a number of formats.

Moreover, Canva has a completely free version that you can use indefinitely. Its paid version is called Canva Pro and its cost starts from $999 per month for monthly billing and $8900 per year for annual billing for one person. You do get a 30-day free trial on the Pro version.

Pricing: $0-999

11. StoryBoard Pro

StoryBoard Pro by Toon Boom is chosen by many people across the world. After all, Toon Boom is a well-known name in the animation and graphics industry. Hence, this app not only has the proper storyboarding features expected from such a brand but also has some amazing drawing tools to boast of.

It even has a built-in camera and sound editing to help those creating professional projects. You will even get 3D tools if your drawing or animation needs them. There are scriptwriting features, even allowing you to download from the classic software applications, if you want to move smoothly from storyboard to project.

You can also collaborate on the app itself. StoryBoard Pro costs $51 per month billed monthly or $41 per month billed annually. Buying the license outright costs $850. It also offers a 21-day free trial.

Pricing: $41-$850

12. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is suited for more artistic projects, like those of illustrators, designers, and animators. The reason is that this application has invested more in its drawing tools than any others. It has advanced features that are at par with most graphic design software applications and allows you to create detailed frames of your project.

You can then assemble these frames to create a highly professional storyboard to represent your pre-production ideas. There are thousands of customizations to choose from to make your art as close to the final product as possible. You can even save templates to use later for your other projects. This automatically means the app comes with a slightly higher price point.

Clip Studio Paint Pro costs $49.99 and Clip Studio Paint Ex costs $219.00, with the migration from Pro to Ex costing $169.00. The app does offer free trials of three months for Windows, macOS, Android, iPadOS, and Chromebook, and of six months for Galaxy, while you can use it for free indefinitely on an iPhone.

Pricing: $49.99 - $219

13. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is not just one of the top 15 storyboard software of 2022; it has probably been one of the top ones for several years. Most people in the professional field probably already own Photoshop. While the software application is not made specifically for storyboarding, you can use the Artboards option for creating storyboards.

The advantage that Photoshop brings is that it is already widely in use and would not require you to spend extra bucks on a different software application. Moreover, there would be thousands of tutorials on how to use it, making the learning curve a small one.

If you have used Photoshop before, you would already know that it has all the features you need to create amateur as well as professional storyboards and utilize the frames with Photoshop or other Adobe Creative Studio tools to complete your final project easily.

Photoshop costs $31.49 per month paid monthly, $20.99 paid annually, and $239.88 for the full, prepaid plan. You get a 30-day free trial too.

14. Moviestorm

Moviestorm is a software application made in the UK. It is a filmmaking and animation tool that brings the added advantage of allowing you to make highly detailed storyboards easily. It is one of the few tools that allow advanced 3D graphics in your boards. It can be used by anybody, from amateurs to professionals.

You can use it to make presentations, short explainer videos, animatics, and much more. Armed with a wide range of tools, Moviestorm allows you to chalk out the nuances of your project down to the smallest detail. The Moviestorm Max includes the complete bundle of its tools and costs $225 for the perpetual license.

There is a discount for people using it for educational purposes, which costs $60 for single users with a 14-day free trial. For multiple users, there are two educational plans. The Education Junior pack costs $450 for the entire school or $30 per user and the Education Unlimited pack costs $900 for the school or $60 per user.

15. Procreate

If you are someone who dabbles in digital art, you have probably already heard about Procreate. This application has become especially popular in recent years justifying its addition to the list of top 15 storyboard software of 2022.

This is especially due to being highly suitable for use on iPads and mobile devices. Since it is a drawing and illustration app, Procreate is great for storyboarding and reusing the boards later to create the final product. It comes with multiple advanced tools, customizations, and features.

The real-time auto-save feature protects you from any loss of data due to any reason whatsoever. You can use this app to create storyboards that can be as detailed as your skill level allows. Procreate can be bought for a one-time fee of $9.99 for the iPad. For mobile users, there is Procreate Pocket which costs $4.99.

Pricing: $9.99

To Conclude,

Choosing the right storyboarding tool is crucial for the smooth completion of the project. These top 15 storyboard software of 2022 are designed to help you get that done. Choose the right one depending on your requirements, skills, budget, and any other factor that is important to you for the best results.

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