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More features to upgrade your branding

Have you ever noticed some ordinary businesses attracting customers and making it big? Or, maybe you have seen how big companies have classy branding that distinguishes them at first glance. 

Well, all this is a product of good branding. 

And we at MakeStoryboard are committed to developing and upgrading new and innovative features for our users to level up their branding game. It is in this regard, we have introduced new amazing features that are sure to benefit you.

So, now, let’s look at how we can help you.

Why Exclusive Branding Is Required?

If you thought it was the name or logo, you are right. However, branding is more than just these. It is a way for a company to differentiate itself from identical companies. A personal way of making people connect with you and ensure they believe in your company too. It’s also a way of assuring your clients that your values align and will remain so for a long time. 

Even painters have a way of distinguishing their art from any other. So why not make your branding a work of art? It’s quite common now to see some amazingly done brands that assure you of quality, right? And that is what you should aim for.

From your company name to the logo and tagline, they should all come together to identify your company to your clients and set you apart from the rest. And we are sure you are wondering if company branding, product branding, and personal branding differ much. No, other than what they represent, great branding is great branding.

Additionally, branding will showcase your level of professionalism and dedication to serving your clients. And trust us, clients often look at branding and decide what level of respect and attention to give to your business. So if it is badly done, your business might never rise above the crowd.

So to have a unique, catchy, and impressionable brand, we at MakeStoryboard, are striving hard each time to provide you with an easy time while creating your brand. Bear with us, till the end, and we will tell you how we make your branding journey easier.

Effort-less Designing.

We know you have a lot to handle. From thinking of your business needs to figuring out what you want to communicate to your clients. So do you really have the time to hunch over your desk working on your brand design? 

No. And that’s why we have made it easier to design your brand. With or user-friendly interface, you will definitely find it easier to work on a project. And we are not done. We keep updating our offerings to make it worthwhile for you. However, now we want to show you what has been done so far with some of our features.

Stunning Color Variants to Add.

First, we have updated our color pallet to better help you customize your brand color. You will need to define colors that showcase your brand apart from other similar businesses. For example- Coke has chosen Red as its color, and they splash it everywhere they can. 

In brief, your colors are what will distinguish you from other agencies or firms. 

And we now have a wide color pallet to help you do this. Moreover, you have options. You can use the basic pallet or apply a color hex code and even set the background color. 

Take your time to play around with the colors and picks what works for you.

Numerous Custom Font Color Options.

Is black too boring for you? Then you will be happy to know that you can now change your font colors. 

Communicate what you want, in the color you want. Honestly, you can mix and match or pick whatever font color that best matches your brand ideas

Create an Attractive Logo.

We do not want to leave out this one which is a very important feature for any company. Really, which company or agency lacks a logo? It’s the first thing we see and recognize if it is unique enough. If you have been asking for this upgrade, now here it is. 

You can now directly upload your logo in the logo section. Use the PNG option so that your logo looks neat and attractive. You also get to decide the position of your logo too. 

Your logo will be displayed on the center screen of the storyboard. 

Quick PDF Export.

And finally, you can easily share a copy of your brand with a click. And what’s more? You won’t need to customize anything before you send it unless you want to. 

You can utilize the sharing link or PDF export feature to do this. 

Are you excited yet? Good, now you can make use of the amazing features we just outlined and updated here. We are hoping they prove useful to you. And don’t hesitate to get to us and tell us how well we are doing or if you need us to further improve on any of the features.

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