An interview with consultant form London Nicholas Sykes

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Nicholas Sykes

  1. What is your full name? *

Nicholas Sykes

  1. Where are you from?

London, UK

  1. What is your profession?

Consultant. Make a Difference Consultants (MAD Cō) helps clients turn boring paper based business processes into interactive, web-based stories that help to improve their user engagement and understanding.

  1. What kind of service do you offer? What kind of projects do you do?

MAD Cō Process Stories help foster a culture of collaborative process improvement within client organisations by breaking away from the traditional rules-based (do and don’t) approach. This encourages creative thinking towards problem solving, empowering people to suggest solutions.

  1. How long have you been working?

20 years. I’ve worked in Education, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Property and Construction. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Exeter and an Executive MBA from HEC, Paris. I started work as a consultant after selling a surveying business in Dubai a few years ago.

6. Tell our readers what is your earliest memory of drawing or making art?

I’ve no idea when I first made art but my first memory of creating something I felt worth keeping was at school using a method of lino printing - I assume because my hands don’t draw very well!

7. How and why did you start using storyboards? And how were you making storyboards before you became the user of MakeStoryboard?

We use Jamboard and continue to use that still as it allows us to integrate videos, but we love MakeStoryboard as it is a specific tool for stories and allows us to create custom fields and keep these in a separate but associated space next to each panel in the story. It’s a really great tool, so please add video functionality soon!

8. What is your interest or hobby?

Kitesurfing, Running, Dogs and the idea of keeping fit and healthy :)

9. What is your favourite colour?

Blue/Grey - the shade you see when the ocean and sky become one, just before the storm!

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