How To Improve Workflow and Collaboration

Alexey Lizhnyk
Alexey Lizhnyk
co-founder & CEO, MakeStoryboard
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To make our team more professional and productive we are spending a lot of our time to improve our processes within the team.

To have possibilities to deliver huge projects on time it requires involving many different specialists. I would say that good communication is the root of the all producing processes and possibilities to deliver any product.

The result of weak communication are:

  • Increasing amount of iterations
  • Low productivity by blocking each other
  • Product price and producing time increasing

As a first step to improving communication, we have introduced commenting feature with the basic and simple workflow.

Basically, the first version is covering communication with the customer

How it works

Make a public link for storyboard with permissions to comment

Send link to the client


Client will review storyboard and left comments by scene

You will see overview of all comments on your storyboard page in the right bottom corner and by scene card


After you implement all changes you can mark it as resolved, it will be visible to the customer as well

If needed you can have next round of review. All your communication will be placed in one place.

We will be happy to get feedback from you. How it works for your workflow and how can we improve commenting module. Join us and create your story with MakeStroyboard.

Alex, MakeStoryboard Team

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