MakeStoryboard Updates: August 2022

Alexey Lizhnyk
Alexey Lizhnyk
co-founder & CEO, MakeStoryboard
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MakeStoryboard System Updates: Summer 2022

The summer of 2022 is boiling hot! Our team doesn’t turn off their fans, stays hydrated every hour, and enjoys ice cream after long hours of work.

But, summer flies by fast, doesn’t it?

We noticed it too! These summer months were really productive for our team. Despite the heat, we stay dedicated to bringing you new features and keeping you satisfied!

We would love to present you with our software's hot July updates! Hope they cool you down.

  • Dark Mode

Rest your eyes when making storyboards! You can now switch from light mode to dark mode in the user profile menu and vice versa by pressing D. Working late nights is made comfortable!

MakeStoryboard Dark Mode

  • Updated Members page

Now, you can group your collaborators and give them individual rights and roles, like admin, editor, viewer, or commenter. To do so, on your MakeStoryboard account click the “Members” tab, then invite whoever you want and give them rights. Simple as that!

  • Creating a Version From Current

You’re free to choose any current storyboard and make another version of it. Before that, you could make a version out of the main storyboard. Go to the versions tab, which is in the tools section, and create a new one, but before that, be sure to write the name and description of the changes. So, if anyone of your members wants to see that particular version, don’t keep them waiting!

Versions Management

  • Change Main Storyboards

It’s time. Any storyboard you like can be labeled as the main one now. Do you like the other storyboard over your previous one? No problem! Pick the correct one and mark it as “main”. Available in the settings of each version.

  • Renaming Mains

Changing a name is a bureaucratic nightmare, but not in our software! Renaming Main storyboard versions is available, and we recommend you to check it out.

  • Extracting Versions

Extract the storyboard version you’ve been making as an independent storyboard.

  • Review Linking

Sharing made easy! Copypaste a review link of your storyboard to anyone and let your team access it faster. Don’t be the only one who struggles to review! Click the share button, create a review link and select the permissions you need, you can even set a password to restrict access.

Share link

  • Switching Shared Storyboards

Shared storyboards can switch versions now. Now with just one click, you can give guests the right to switch versions. It’s never too late and a good choice as well if you need it.

  •  Changing URLs

When changing versions, the URL to it may be changed as well. The only problem will be is how to name a URL right! From now on you can set your URLs name or rename it so the link will not break.

  • Collaborators Sharing

Collaborators, when given rights, can share any storyboard version with other team members or independent viewers. This right optimizes the process of reviewing, getting feedback, and changing plans. Don’t eat alone, they said!

  -     Creating New Folders
Organized workspace - organized mind! To get rid of file clutter, press f or go to the top toolbar, click “new” and give it a name. You can also choose a color to make it easier to navigate. What makes this function super convenient is that now you can share the entire folder with your colleagues at once and no longer need to send it one by one.

    -      Export Images
Download all your images in one zip file with one click! Don't worry, the order will be preserved in any case, and the images are named according to their sequence

As always, keep yourself cool, drink water and test our new features!! As time passes, we make changes and are committed to consistently doing them. Our community is what makes us motivated.

So, get yourself comfortable, open up MakeStoryboard and experience new updates to the fullest!

Thank you for being with us, Creative!

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