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Nastya Bulavska
Nastya Bulavska
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MakeStoryboard Branded Features

As time goes on, we continue to grow and develop even more new features for our users. In recent weeks we have added several updates that may interest you, and as you may have already, noticed they are closely related to branding. So that you can get the most out of them, let's take a closer look. 

Branding is so much more than just a name or logo. It is a recognizable emotion that a company, product, or a certain famous person evokes. In the process of branding, the right image and communications are formed through which people will perceive the brand.

High-quality branding primarily demonstrates your level of professionalism and organization. This is the foundation that reveals your values, mission, identity, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Appropriate design and presentation is what the customer necessarily pays attention to, the final impression affects the reputation because it depends on how much you will be remembered and for what merits. 

Design without any extra effort

The simple user-friendly interface of our software makes it easy to work on the project at all stages, but we won't stop expanding the functionality to offer more solutions for our creative community. A lot has been done and we still have a lot to work on, but today we want to present the updated menu and several important changes in the option sections.


A wide selection of palette colors allows you to match your brand color scheme that will be recognizable to your audience and help you stand out from other studios. Take the chance to boost your brand identity to the next level. You can use the basic palette or enter a color hex code. Try different variants and see what works for you.

Branded storyboards

Font Color

Now everyone can change not only the size but also the color of the text. You can set the right accents and mix all kinds of color combinations. Every detail can significantly change the final result.


Another critical feature that is important for an agency of any level is the logo. You asked - we added. You can upload a logo of your brand in the logo section. We suggest you choose the PNG format so that it does not spoil the overall look and looks clean. The position is also up to you! You can choose any side to get an organic composition. Your logo will be displayed on the center screen of the storyboard when you make pdf export or in the storyboard display via the sharing link.

Professional storyboards

PDF export

Stay in touch with your customers and share content in one click, moreover you don't need to spend hours customizing the layout. You can use the sharing link or pdf export, which allows you to set up the logo display, board background color and text. Take advantage of the extensive settings and brand your design immediately in pdf format. Apply your company style and image to each Storyboard to make it even more recognizable.

We’ve shared all the benefits of our upgraded tool. Now the ball is in your court. Want to try it? Go to the Storyboarding and PDF Export tool on the MakeStoryboard platform.

We hope you will find these branding features very useful for you and your clients and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Let us know in the comments what we can do to make it even better. ?

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