Stop war in Ukraine

Alexey Lizhnyk
Alexey Lizhnyk
co-founder & CEO, MakeStoryboard
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Dear Creators,


Both founders of MakeStoryboard are originally from Ukraine. Ukraine is an independent country in the middle of Europe. We have our own language, culture, history and more than 40 million good and hard working people. Since our declaration of independence, Ukrainians never started any wars.

On 24 February our country was woken up by military blasts of the Russian army. They attacked us from three sides – East, North and South – at the same time. Russia started a war with our people, with our European country.

To escalate things further, today Putin ordered to ready Russia's nuclear weapons! Dear creators, before it is too late. Push you politicians to act!

What you can do today to help stop the war:


    • Reach out to your government representatives and ask them to provide political, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine.





Stay safe. Say no to war in Ukraine!

Your MakeStoryboard founders, Alex and Diana.

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