Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Storyboard Your Next Video First

Mariia Kushniruk
Mariia Kushniruk
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Have you ever created a video before, and now you wonder how to organize this process in a much more fun rather than complicated way? Try using storyboards for pre-planning your next videos. The flexibility of Storyboard’s settings will cause designing videos to be more enjoyable. Let's try to go into more detail. 

TOP 6 reasons why you need storyboard

1. Storyboard gives your story a backbone. You can clearly plan your story's beginning, midpoint, and end.

Do you ever find yourself with an ending that doesn't feel right while creating a video? Or do you have to make so many changes that everything falls apart? Try to write the story frame by frame or based on the individual scenes. It gives you a bigger picture and a sense of what you need to focus on for your story.

2. While making a video, you can swap out the frames of a storyboard changing its logic.   

Storyboard is a magical tool for creators to swap scenes around like puzzle pieces. It's especially convenient if you use online tools. All you have to do is drag and drop with your mouse, and it only takes a second. You can instantly save time.

3. You can use additional built-in tools. Mark significant life moments online to quickly share with colleagues!

There isn’t much of a concern if you're working on a video alone. But what if you have a whole team, and someone needs to explain the sequence? It could be stressful to get to the point. So an online storyboard will help you out. Just leave notes, download to PDF, or share the link, and the team has all the latest edits.

4. Storyboards can be saved and used as a basis for other works.

Tasking your team with similar videos will save time by using Storyboard. It's easy enough to create different storyboards and name them accordingly. It is making this especially true for promos or marketing videos. 

5. Show the storyboards to new clients.

Another related benefit is you can show saved storyboards to new clients. Show them by example what they can get! You can even collaborate with clients online to leave their comments and requests on the storyboards. 

6. Use Storyboards as a basis for a portfolio

Have you already accumulated enough storyboards? Maybe you want to publish your portfolio of videos to attract future clients? Or be an inspiration for other creators? Storyboards are a great way to show off your skills not in words, but through practice. 

Here at MakeStoryboard, you can contact our team - and we'll post your Storyboards on our blog or social media. We can broadcast  your work to the world and help tell your story! Please contact us if you want to share your work with MakeStoryboard audience. 

Are you still hesitating about using storyboards in your work? Well then, we've got another ace up our sleeve. Please check out our online storyboarding app to see how effortless it can become.

We're looking forward to your unique work, dear ones.

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