How to Create a Storyboard for a Video

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The basic recipe to create a storyboard is to create a timeline. Note down all the main events, add necessary details and dialogues, and choose the right software. There are different storyboarding methods for various videos, and you can create an engaging video with the best storyboard!

If you want to make a video, you need to learn to create a storyboard correctly.

How to Make a Storyboard for a Video

Here is a guide that covers all the necessary steps to come up with a storyboard for your video:

  1.   Come Up with a Timeline

The most crucial step is you need to create a timeline for your storyboard. Since the storyboard is a structure, you must verify that you have a sequence of all the events so that your video is in chronological order.

  1.   Highlight the Main Scenes

Identifying the main scenes in the video is very significant, as there can be a purpose for why there are important  points. For example, the highlight of your video can be when your video zooms in on the product that you are trying to sell. 

  1.   Detailing

Once you have the layout of each scene, you can focus on the detailing of your storyboard. Detailing is where you decide how much detail you need to add to each scene.

  1.   Add Dialogues

If there are any dialogues in the video, now is the time to add them. Do not put off the dialogues or the script for the 11th hour. You must make sure that your storyboard falls in sync with the dialogue and the scene.

  1.   Choose the Right Tool

Many storyboarding tools can assist you with creating the best storyboard. However, you must choose the right tool to complete the task. While you can do all the sketches manually, you can become more efficient, saving time using digital tools.

  1.   Making Sketches

Use the tools to draw and design sketches according to the storyboard timeline. If you have a masterful command of drawing, you can draw detailed figures, or you can doodle stick figures to visualise the idea of what you want to draw.

  1.   Automation

Automation is the step where you put the entire storyboard together and animate everything using your storyboarding tools.

How To Storyboard A Music Video

  1.       Outline

The primary sequences to highlight in a storyboard are  the opener, problem, and finally, a solution to the problem. Come up with an outline for the video that covers all the highlights chronologically.

  1.       Main Events

There can be multiple high points in your video; you need to highlight all of the main events before you start designing the video so you can focus on them.

  1.       Further Details

Too many details may distract your audience from the right message, so you need to be very cautious when deciding on the details of your scenes. Only provide the  necessary information. 

  1.       Script

Write down the complete script for your video to match dialogue with the storyboard.

  1.       Tool Choice

The most popular tools include Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Illustrator. Per your needs, you can find more suitable tools while exploring to find the right one.

  1.       Sketching

Sketch out all the events in the video; you can use various  drawings for these sketches.

  1.       Putting it Together

Now that you have all the individual ingredients ready, you can put them together and create the storyboard.

Music videos consist of a lot of frames that synchronise with the music. When making a storyboard for a music video, you must be very careful of the timing. Make helpful notes of exactly what is happening in a frame and how you want the storyboard to happen. Along with the notes, you must also design sketches for every frame where the scene changes.

How to Storyboard a Video Game

  1.       Overview

Before you get on to the storyboard platform, you must put together an outline that highlights all the important events of the video game.

  1.       Highlights 

There can be several main events throughout the video game. You must list all of the highlights down as it is very vital to have individual cards for every event.

  1.       Further Details

The storyboard can go into further details of specific events of the video game, and you must highlight them in your storyboard.

  1.       Dialogues

Come up with the script of your storyboard if it needs one. Video games may or may not have a script.

  1.       Software

There are different software programs you can choose from to create your o  storyboard, use the one that gives you the most accessibility. Tools like MakeStoryboard are some fundamental  options.

  1.       Illustration

Illustrations are a crucial part of the storyboard. Use illustrations to map out each scene.

  1.       Compilation

Combine all of these steps,, and you will have a storyboard for your video game.

The most crucial task to consider when making a storyboard for a video game is creating cards. You need to create individual cards for each event. For instance, you can create cards for the primary events, secondary events, and other gameplays.

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